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Meter to Cash: Turning Water Into Dollars

May 14, 2019
| By Jeff Lipton

When speaking with anyone who works for a water utility their priorities quickly become apparent. Water quality and reliability, intractably related to each other, form the core mission of any water utility. Without maintaining water quality and safety, customers may become sick or worse. Water suppliers in the United States take great pride in the reliability of service that they have provided for more than a century. No other country in the world has delivered such an extended period of reliability with 24x7 on demand water services. There are few people that live in the U.S. that can recount EVER turning on the tap and not receiving safe, life nourishing drinking water.

And yet the water industry has, in many ways, been a victim of its own success. Customers have come to take clean, reliable drinking water for granted. Most end-users have no comprehension of the effort and cost it takes to deliver a high quality, reliable

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