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Cutting edge customer engagement through the mail?!

November 30, 2017
| By Seth Engel

Everything old is new again. Vinyl records are making a comeback, 80’s horror flick/pop culture tribute ‘Stranger Things’ is the number 1 show on Netflix, and snail mail is the hot new way for utilities to communicate with their customers.

Don’t believe it? Consider this: water utilities, on average, have email addresses for only one third of their customers (although as we demonstrated in a recent blog post, they probably have their mobile phone number).

But what about the two-thirds of customers that utilities can’t reach via email? Without being able to send timely emails, utilities have three options for communicating with their customers:

  1. Calling the customer directly, though this requires extensive resources and takes time away from other important customer service activities.
  2. Mailing information with the bill.
  3. Not communicating at all.

As much as we talk about digital communications, print remains a relevant, if not

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Two Billion Gallons...and Counting

November 19, 2015
| By Peter Yolles

In March of this year we made the announcement that we had cumulatively saved one billion gallons of water. That was nearly 4 years to the day from the launch of our first utility customer in Cotati, California. This was a momentous occasion for WaterSmart and represented further validation of our business model, as well as an affirmation of our mission to change the way the world uses water.

Now, just a short 8 months later, we can hardly believe that we recently passed our second billion gallons of water saved. Not only have our utility partners and their customers saved a lot of water, but they’ve also saved nearly $13,000,000 as well as avoided 20,000 tons of Co2 emissions from the energy used to heat and transport that water. We are witnessing our mission in action.

So, what does two billion gallons mean? A one followed by nine zeros starts to feel pretty abstract if there’s no way to relate it to every day activities. In order

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Water Information Innovation

May 19, 2015
| By Weston McBride

A key to the ongoing success of WaterSmart, or any start-up, is constant innovation, and we're trying to incite a revolution of water information innovation. It’s been a busy quarter for the product team where we’ve launched a bunch of great new product features and improvements based on customer feedback. We can’t wait for you to get a sip of our new solutions!

utility analytics

At the beginning of 2015, we released version 2.0 of our dashboard to all of our customers. The platform has industry-leading data insights, improved data accessibility, and the flexibility to accommodate specific needs of each of our utility partners. Some new analytic features include:

  • Report Subscriptions

It's often easier to receive periodic reports via email when new information becomes available. We now allow utilities to subscribe to periodic reports that are pushed right to their inbox. These reports allow you to actively monitor the water use

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