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Ed Archuleta

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Recent Lessons in Crisis Communications

November 29, 2018
| By Ed Archuleta
It is a crisp October morning. A WaterSmart colleague rolled out of bed late, grabbed his things, and rushed out the door without turning on the local news. He spent his commute listening to one of his favorite podcasts and checking texts and emails on his phone (but not while driving!) . When he got into the office, he headed to the kitchen, and as he began to fill a glass of water from the tap a coworker gasped and ask ed if he heard about the boil water notice . Immediately, concern set in and he began to wonder how he missed such a critical announcement. Unfortunately, this lack of public awareness is not an uncommon occurrence during a water quality incident. 
Many urban water u tilities are facing major challenges , including massive population growth, increasingly unpredictable weather patterns , and aging infrastructure. Austin Water is a world class utility organization operating under similar pressures and planning to
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The Future Is Here - Just Add Utility

July 19, 2016
| By Ed Archuleta

Water utilities are responsible for one thing above all: supplying safe drinking water to their populations on a daily basis. In light of the recent public health crisis in Flint, MI, utilities have never been under more pressure from the public to perform this service. Simultaneously, factors such as unpredictable weather patterns, population growth and urbanization, and aging infrastructure are all working together to increase that pressure. In the face of these challenges – and with a finite supply of water — business as usual won’t do. Water utilities must find ways to innovate and evolve to meet future generations’ water needs.

So how can water utilities adjust to serve the population of the future while maintaining reliable, safe water delivery?

In more than 24 years as the CEO of the El Paso Water Utilities Public Service Board, I learned that the key to water utility operations is simple: do what you do best. That was always

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